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Tusk Lifting

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  • Lifting & Hoisting Equipment

    Chain Blocks, Corrosion Resistant Chain Blocks, Lever Hoists, Subsea Lever Hoists, Adaptor Hoists, Electric Chain Hoists, Pneumatic Hoists, Trolleys & Clamps, Entertainment Rigging, Combination Block

  • Spreader Beam & Wire Rope Slings

    Spreader Beams, Lattice Beams, Lifting Beams, Lifting Frames, Wire Rope Slings, Wire Rope Grommets

  • General Lifting Equipment

    Chain Slings, Shackles, Eye Bolts, Polyester Slings, Rud Load Rings and Bolts, Deha and Frimeda Rings

  • Height Safety & Man Riding

    Harnesses, Inertia Blocks, Lanyards, Tripod, Man Riding, Mobile Man Anchor, Miscellaneous

  • Material Handling

    Fork Attachments, Plate Clamps, Load Moving Skates, Mobile Gantries, Scaffold Runway Beam, Crane Forks & Floor Cranes, Genie Lifts, Lifting Magnets, Wire Rope Pulling Machines, Hydraulic Tables, Palle

  • Hydraulic Equipment

    Hydraulic Hand Pumps, Single Acting Cylinders (Lock Nut, Aluminium), Spring Return Cylinders (Extra Flat, Multi Purpose, Low Profile, Single Acting), Load Return Cylinders (High Tonnage / Safety Ring Nut), Hydraulic Jacks (Toe, Bottle), Lightweight Aluminium Jacks, Low Profile Single Acting Pad Cylinders, Low Height Single Acting Cylinders

  • Site Equipment / Miscellaneous

    Bumpa Hoists, Geda Hoists, Concrete Skips, Binders, Indicators and Ropes, Manhole Cover Lifters, Dovetail Twistlocks & Foundations, Compression Load Cell, Test Weights

  • Crosby

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