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Overhead Crane Services

Our Overhead Crane Team is selected by their experience and qualifications. The team is crossed trained in both Mechanical and Electrical areas of Crane Maintenance, which means all engineers can attend any site and identify an issue. This in turn saves the customer both down time and more importantly money.

Under the legal requirements of both PUWER and LOLER you have a duty of care to ensure your work equipment is in a serviceable state and free from any defects which may cause harm. Our trained team fully understand the legal requirements and will endeavour to make sure your valuable equipment is back in service, defect free and as fast as possible.

Our comprehensive team can Service, Inspect, Repair, Replace or Maintain all your overhead cranes, hoists or jibs, safely and at a competitive price. Tusk is available around the clock so that down time will always be kept to a minimum.

Servicing and maintaining your Overhead cranes thoroughly and regularly will increase their life span, and ultimately save you thousands of pounds in down time.

Cranes, hoists and jibs must be inspected at least every 12 months by a qualified LOLER inspector. We also recommend a full service is carried out at this time, however depending upon usage the Inspector may advise that this is done more frequently.

Our Services

  • Sales, Service, Inspection & Maintenance
  • Installation
  • Load testing
  • Re-locations and Modifications
  • Technical support
  • New cranes and parts sourced

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