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Dear Customer,


Tusk Lifting and its parent company Mammoet are taking COVID-19 very seriously and are taking every precaution possible in our day to day activities to protect our staff, their families, and you the customer.

We believe the steps we have in place will allow us to continue to operate as normal with no major interruption to our service. We are in continuous communication with our crucial suppliers, all of which have informed us that they also will remain open. We aren’t currently seeing any delivery delays for stock that is sat within the UK; if this changes an update will be issued.

We have staff rotating between work and home wherever possible, field staff are also now home based and responding to callouts for both delivery and service works. Where a delivery or collection is made, Tusk will follow the site rules or the Government guidelines – whichever are the most stringent. Our drivers are advised to stay in their vehicle as much as possible and paperwork will be emailed rather than signed.

All non-essential visitors are not permitted on the premises and incoming deliveries will be subject to social distancing rules.

Due to the steps implemented here our office opening hours and contact details remain the same.

We continue to monitor both the Government and NHS websites for updates and will act accordingly should new advice be published.

As our valued customer we want to extend that you and your teams all stay safe. Our thoughts are with those individuals and communities which have been affected by the spread of COVID-19.


Kind Regards,

Kevin Chalmers

Managing Director.


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